Sustainable Art & Design methodologies

Testing and knowledge

Design, arts and crafts research.

Promotion and transmission of collective knowledge about traditional craftsmanship, new technologies and sustainable natural materials. Responses to social and environmental needs.

Graphic Design

Finding new views for a changing world. ADobe Suit: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, After Effects, Premiere.
Photography edition, Video and Animation.

Editorial Design

Performance and design of innovatives, responsives and environmental respectfull layouts for editorial projects.


Playground of digital and traditional illustration. Inspired by nature, guided by the user and performance by experimental hands.

Experimental design

Enjoy finding the perfect way for the project to see light.

Art Direction

Everything works nicely together.

About Me.

Artist, designer and researcher living around the world. Born in Galicia, Spain, in 1997, 2nd of May. Traveller, animals lover and handi-crafter.
Name: Antía Iglesias Fernández
Phone: +34 669 753 327
DOB: 2nd May 1997


University of Vigo, College of Fine Arts and College of Natural Science
Doctoral thesis
2020 – (...)

University of Vigo, College of SSCC and Comunication
Master degree in Art Direction and Advertising

University of Vigo, College of Fine Arts
Fine Arts degree


2021 - Today
Predoctoral intership Xunta de Galicia 2021
Art and Design Researcher
University of Vigo
Dx5 Digital and graphic_art research
Full time

2020 - 2021
Graphic Designer
Concello de Gondomar
Xunta de Galicia
Full Time Job


  • Art, design and crafts

  • Graphic design - Editorial design

  • Researching

  • Plastic arts

  • Illustration



Latest mix-techniques projects.
Art Direction, Design, Illustration,
Creation and Research.

"The universe, a self-renewing stage, is an aprioristic integrity of design. It constantly and everywhere manifests an intellectual integrity that intrinsically encompasses all kinds of events, as well as how to objectively utilise that information, considering absolutely all relationships and interrelationships."

Victor Papanek Diseñar para el mundo real - Ecología humana y cambio social" Monográ - Pollen Ed. - El tinter c.

"The useful and the beautiful are not separate universes. The craftsman's hand ceases to be his own and becomes the hand of nature. It is not the craftsman who aspires to create beauty, but nature that ensures that it is created."

Soetsu Yanagi La belleza del objeto cotidiano Ed. GG

"What is the aura itself? A very special interweaving of space and time: a unique appearance of a remoteness, however close it may be"

Walter Benjamin La obra de arte en la época de su reproductibilidad técnica Ed. Itaca 2003


Artist Statment. Principles and values that underpin each work
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