Random selection of illustration and ceramics projects. Colour and textures as an expressive element.

"Then I began to see the white surface of the paper I was going to draw on in a different way.
It was no longer a clean, smooth page, but an empty space. Its whiteness was transformed into a
zone of unlimited light, opaque, through which one could move, but not see through.
I knew that as soon as I drew a line in it - or through it - I would have to control it,
not like the driver of a car, on a single plane, but like a pilot in the air, since movement was possible in three dimensions. movement was possible in all three dimensions."

Berger, J. (2005). Sobre el dibujo. GG.

Ceramics & textures

Experimental ceramic of broken plates & sea-horses in love

Inspired by the environment close to the sea where I grew up, by a biologist father, crystal clear water and vivid colours, a collection of two-dimensional beings is born, which through textures, shadows and surfaces, generate volumes and are introduced into the space they occupy.

Nombre de la imagen

Digital illustration & colors

Proposals for local cultural projects

Maritime sports, cultural events, social events... Different creative proposals based on composition, colour and art history.

"Objects do not exist for me unless there is a harmonious relationship between them, and also between them and me.
When one arrives at this harmony, one arrives at a kind of intellectual emptiness. This made everything possible, everything legitimate,
and life is a perpetual revelation.".

Georges Braque


Landscape and colours of French Guiana

During a period of research, retreat and apprenticeship in the French overseas territory, French Guiana brought me a new vision, a representation of the sea that is not blue. Colour studies that seek expressiveness through the stain and diffuse forms.

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